Sunday, April 11, 2010

Igor Grechanyk at Ukrainian Institute of America

this is a couple of images from solo exhibit of Igor Grechanyk at Ukrainian Institute of America in New York
also take a look at YTube video clip from Igor reception night:
Igore, v mene take vrajennia scho ti bi mig viyti na pozachsoviy riven' u svoih robotah ykscho b ti povernuvsia Oblichiam do 100% abstraktnogo stilu; takoj sprobuy pisati vilni ne rimovani virshi, ti duje tsikavo govoriv pro pidsvidomu, totemnu yakist svoih robit ( Igog , I do have an impression that you can create really timeless work if you go to a PURE
abstraction in your sculptures and writing - the way you spoke at Institute make me believe that you can write a great poetry!!!
Konstiantin Chehovsky,the artist, &
Myroslava Rozdolska, President of New Ukrianian Wave!!

Eagled Totem @UIA

Igor Grechanyk and his wife Luda:-)

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