Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In Memoriam of Andrey Voznesensky

the news of Voznesensky (r) death I've got by email to my Blackberry
from my friend Ukrainian poet Vasyl Makhno (l)...it was a sudden black
hole in the middle of beautiful morning in New York City, I weep...
Andrey was one of the great Soviet - Russian poet and dissident,
and this is a great loss for a whole world; without people like
Voznesensky we humans could probably still live in the caves.
He and handfull of others braves in former USSR were  able to turn the orientation of Soviet society to
the future, to the West of Science and West of Space...
"We do have a Russian intelligentsia, we do have!" - only this line did
encourage thousands of Soviet intellectuals think openly, out of the Box,
out of Iron Curtain!

New York Times, July 1969

Voznesensky poem in the same New York Times issue.


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