Sunday, November 29, 2009

Remediation by Taras Polataiko @UIA

of three parts of Taras Plataiko exhibition at Ukrainian Istitute in New York I would put on the first place four black/white nudes:

they have a strong emotional appeall  and mistic of behind the Glass dark, a bit gloomy,but beautiful
melody that stay with you for a time and keep getting back and have a multiple reading of real art work;
one of nude litarally shoot at viewer with a rifle...a point when you really can forget of woman's body;-);

on the second place I would put the video/photo installation "Kyiv Classical"- vidio/photo investigation
about a disappearance of commemorative plaque from the wall of The Four Tower Building in Bad Ems (Germany) where Russian Czar Alexander II signed a secret edict prohibiting the use of the Ukrainian language in 1876; very original and timely idea, something that really hard to implement and the point when
history, modern time and artistic imagination give us a  multimeadia installation that from my point of view
require extra thinking and extra work;

"Glare" - something that couple of people I spoke to called "a quoted art" or "secondary" work or
NOT an art at all: famous Kazimir Malevich "Black square" had been  interpreted and explained many
times ( and yes we do need new idea, new approach, fresh air!);

here a link to YouTube video interview with other ukainian artist Vita Soyka (in ukrainian):
"...modern art at the state when it requires some kind of electroshock to be revived",
" seven years old could do better work than this one"

Two ukrainian artists: Michailo Barabash & Vita Soyka @ Ukrainian Institute of America

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